SaSIoT Platform overview

SaSIoT is the centralized data management platform. It is an open platform that can be deployed to a dedicated server, public or private cloud. This is the unified centralized place for data management, visualization and analysis. It seamlessly connecting the dots from unsorted raw data to human-readable knowledge. The system harvesting data from field IoT devices or external data source from any network and unites it to a fusion structure. 

Open Platform

Key Principles

Visual graphs and data analytics to help with business decisions. See trends and patterns and exceptions.

Data processor. Convert raw sensors data to structured information ready for human understanding for meaningful business intelligence. Convert images to text, convert massive data arrays to structures

Remote control of IoT equipment. One-stop-place to control all equipment on the ground. Firmware upgrade, configuration management, certificates and licences.  

Multiple data sources. Add new data source in a second. Existing excel file? Database or could storage? Very simple on-boarding process. Combine data from various sources and start the cross anaysis. Easily integrates into any existing system

Out of the box read-to-use REST API. Data\charts\reports can be easily exposed. Securely with auditing logs. Seamless configuration for all endpoints.


The system is designed to carry bit amount of data without compromising the performance. 

All communications are securely encrypted. 

Simplicity to use is the key principle for users

Capability Entailment  

SaSIoT Overview inetrface

Wireless valve

Various agents

Soil pH, moisture, UV

Camera Video

Tracking GPS and Maps


Touch-less meters

Air Quality

Current flow, pressure





Wheel speed, Hall effect

Tilt sensor 


Compass, gyroscope

Flow and Level Sensor

Smoke, Alcohol, Gas

Water quality

Motion detection

Endless Use-Cases

Auto irrigation





Smart Meters

Analogical to Digital 

Waste Control

Lights Control

Remote locking

Remote Camera

Production line


GPS Trackers

Logistics and Asset


Quality Control

SaSIoT Sensors settins
Camera sensor SaSIoT
temperature and humidity sensor SaSIoT
Auto Irrigation SaSIoT
Water Quality Sensor SaSIoT
Sensor Valve SaSIoT
Tilt Sensor SaSIoT
Compass SaSIoT
SaSIoT Motion sensor
SaSIoT Quality Control
SaSIoT Tracer GPS
SaSIoT Remote locking
Smart light SaSIoT
SaSIoT Waste management