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SaSIoT Smart Integrated IoT Solutions

Our GPS trackers are pre-integrated with the SaSIoT platform. It provides endless opportunity for data visualization and reporting. We are using the latest GPS technology. SaSIoT Trackers can be equipped with different battery options and various type of shells\boxes.

GPS Tracker


Image above showing the naked component and a sample of shelled device. The shelled device on the picture is waterproof. Each device can be customized with different battery settings.

Our platform provides number of features like tracking zones. Every time a tracker leaves\enters defined zone you can send a message or add a record to the SaSIoT system.


The GPS component provides number of features like tracking history and drawing the movement path and direction. There dashboards can be customized to your needs so you manage all devices in the single place. Tracking period, frequency of update and many other configurations are easy to configure to fit your needs. 


Meanwhile the integration capabilities are not exhausted by our equipment. If you have existing GPS tracking solution we can integrate SaSIoT platform. So that you have one centralized BI system and all data at hand.


Picture taker and Image processing

With the advent of the Internet of Things, battery-powered devices are quickly becoming the norm in many connected applications. Our camera component offers unique solutions for the advanced digitization, monitoring, security and Image to Text conversion.

Camera overview

The pre-integrated Camera component allows you to take images and document it into the system catalog. I.e it can measure overall green level coverage for a field or perform security function of an object.

Moreover it enables smart metering function on old equipment. Camera meters measure the usage of individual appliances. For some old equipment which is already installed it could be costly to replace. With our Camera component now it made possible. Before these became available, you need a complex arrangement to get benefits of digitization. Our system allows you to see services like - usage history, consumption\measurements speed and frequency.


Camera is equipped with wireless WiFi\Bluetooth transmitter and SD card. The SD card provides sufficient buffer in case of a connectivity loss. In other words - no data loss!

Analogical to digital
Computer with Graph

The Camera component agent is very flexible in configuration. It can be configured to take images at certain time or external command by SaSIoT system. The centralized storage integrates with other data sources. I.e. logistics or water meters or ultrasonic distance sensor. That fusion of various data source orginized and visualized under one system.


Camera component sends pictures to the SaSIoT server which in it's own turn converts image to numbers\text\values. So now it's possible to build combined analytical reports across the domains. Now you can simply plug any analogical values into one Business Intelligence platform. 

Distance or Volume smart meter 

The ultrasonic sensor component. This economical sensor provides 2cm to 400cm of non-contact measurement functionality with a ranging accuracy that can reach up to 3mm. Accurate distance metering regardless of material, surface, color or transparency. This provides number of applications.  Examples:

  • Tank Level checker. Liquid level sensors are integrated to SaSIoT system and inventory management.

  • Production Line Sensors. Ultrasonic sensors can be applied to the manufacturing process for automated process control on the factory floor while also being an indispensable tool for companies to maximize efficiency through precise measurement and control. Ultrasonic sensors can streamline the production processes.

  • Distance Measurement. Ultrasonic sensors can measure the distance to a wide range of objects regardless of shape, color or surface texture. They are also able to measure an approaching or receding object.

The ultrasonic sensor component is naturally integrated into SaSIoT ecosystem providing you combined place to manage and automate your business.

The field agent devices\sensors are not limited to the list above. We can connect any sensor type like temperature, humidity, laser, PIR, infrared, radio, air quality, etc.  There is no limit to amount of devices connected to the ecosystem. It's possible to certify the existing IoT equipment with our analytical platform. So you can get the single source of truth for your business intelligent processes.

The overall value created from IoT and automation depends on how the business process defined. What is desired state? How to aggregate, articulate pain points and draw insights from the data you’re retrieving? Real time reaction to business needs is important. How fast you analyze and react to this data? Can optimize your operations accordingly? We are working together with our customers to drive the outcome required. 

With the SaSIoT solution, we provide you with the full stack solution to fulfill all your data and apply data science to help you make better business decisions.

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