Cost effective smart meter

Smart meters digitally measure your usage and send that data directly to the service provider. It provides big number of use-cases like the data could help you find ways to optimize the consumption and money. However in the most cases installation cost and maintenance might be not an easy task. 
Here is the proposed solution. Insert the SaSIoT camera in front of your existing analog meter and start using digital dashboards.


Camera component is pre-integrated with the SaSIoT platform and offers unique solutions for the advanced digitization, monitoring, security and Image to Text conversion. This is the most cost effective digitization way. There is no costs associated with the complex equipment deployment, installation issues or particular vendor locking situation.

It's simple, fast and exceptionally effective self-sufficient way.


Camera meters measure the usage of individual appliances. For some old equipment which is already installed it could be costly to replace. With our Camera component now it made possible. Before these became available, you need a complex arrangement to get benefits of digitization. Our system allows you to see services like - usage history, consumption\measurements speed and frequency.

The pre-integrated Camera component also allows Image recognition function to process images. For example it can measure overall green level coverage for a field or perform security function of an object.


Camera is equipped with wireless WiFi\Bluetooth transmitter and SD card. The SD card provides sufficient buffer in

case of a connectivity loss. In other words - no data loss!

We are offering outer box customization. To provide effective installation the box can be customized to fit your requirement

Analogical to digital
Computer with Graph

The Camera component agent is very flexible in configuration. It can be configured to take images at certain time or external command by SaSIoT system. The centralized storage integrates with other data sources. I.e. logistics or water meters or ultrasonic distance sensor. That fusion of various data source orginized and visualized under one system.


Camera component sends pictures to the SaSIoT server which in it's own turn converts image to numbers\text\values. So now it's possible to build combined analytical reports across the domains. Now you can simply plug any analogical values into one Business Intelligence platform.