Providing the End-2-End IoT solution that enable businesses automation and analysis
Added Value Services Provided:
- Water savings and smart irrigation
- Business Digitization and optimization
- Turn key Business Intelligent solution 
Integrated Solutions for Internet of the Things

Water management dashboard sample

Pressure, current water flow, total consumption

Watering management

Automatic valves are controlled by centralized platform. Driving business automation and savings.

Multi-factoring decisions:

  • Soil moisture reported by sensors

  • Water pressure sensors

  • Current flow and total consumption per period

  • Possible rains and weather forecasts

  • Keeps optimal moisture level for different types of plants

System Overview

Powerful ecosystem and centralized platform:

  • Visual graphs and data analytics

  • Data processor

  • Remote control IoT 

  • Multiple data sources

  • Read-to-use REST API


Enables efficiency and driving  business decisions. Providing simplified map views and graphical dashboard

Smart solutions
  • GPS tracker and Geo-fencing 

  • PIR, UV, Tilt, Light, RPM, Motion

  • Ultrasonic sensors to distance and volume management

  • Cameras with the OCR (convert image to text)

  • Air quality control

    • CO2, Nitrous Oxide,

    • Total organic compound,

    • Oxygen level

  • Infrared, etc..


How it works

Smart agents


Atomic small sensors collecting data from the field. Soil moisture, temperature, smart meters (i.e. electricity, water flow), valve controls, GPS tracker, pressure sensor, ultrasonic or laser distance ruler, photo or video camera, human pretense PIR, and others.

Data is transmitted via a secured gateway to the centralized system

Highly configurable





Data from the field agents is organized and presented in a graphical and convenient way to empower business decisions.

We provide powerful system that can aggregate data from your existing sources or expose APIs for better fit or your IT footprint


Device Library samples

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